Instructional Technology at Waubonsee

While education technology, "EdTech", usually associates with digital solutions today, it is much broader than computer hardware and software. Technology is any tool developed with a purpose from the application of scientific knowledge. Its advancement constantly changes what stakeholders, instructors and students or even parents alike, consider EdTech and how they embrace these tools.

Chalkboards evolved to whiteboards and then interactive boards connected with a computer. Projecting aids also progressed from transparencies to PowerPoint to mobile platform. Utilizing a Learning Management System (LMS) like Canvas, faculty can manage all course materials and collaborate with students. Even though the evolution of technology continues, EdTech includes any effective use of tools such as AEFIS and Ally to facilitate learning and improve learner performance.

Through the Office of Faculty Development and Engagement and the Office of Learning Outcomes, Curriculum, and Program Development, Waubonsee Community College is committed to provide faculty with the instructional technology resources necessary to achieve student success.