What is AppsAnywhere and Cloudpaging?

Waubonsee students and employees can access Waubonsee’s classroom software applications remotely using AppsAnywhere, an app store-style platform.

The AppsAnywhere solution from Software2 will enable Waubonsee IT to efficiently deliver most Windows software applications to any computer platform on-demand. Waubonsee users can use the client to download/launch available software remotely.

The Cloudpaging Player is the unique piece of Windows software that “plays” the provisioned applications on the end users' virtual or physical devices. AppsAnywhere with Cloudpaging creates a virtual layer on the computer where the apps are delivered on-demand, but still run locally. Once downloaded, Waubonsee software may be accessed and launched again through the Cloudpaging Player.


  • Software is assigned to users based on their role at the college and/or the classes for which they are registered.
  • Waubonsee computer users may also continue to access software through the ZENworks AppLauncher.

Visit the link for more information and to watch a short video: What is AppsAnywhere?

Browser and System Requirements

Please note that apps accessed through AppsAnywhere may have their own separate minimum system requirements which may be more restrictive than those below.

Requirement Explanation
2Ghz Processor and 2Gb RAM Windows 7 +, Windows Server 2008 +,
Mac OS 10.7 +, iOS 7 +,
Android Jellybean +, Chrome OS,
Linux: Fedora, Mint, CentOS/ Redhat, SUSE, Ubuntu
10Gb Free Hard Disk Space AppsAnywhere – 50Mb,
Cloudpaging Player – up to 10 Gb (Windows)
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 – 610Mb and
Windows Installer Version 3.1 (for .NET 3.5)
Internet connection > 2mbps Web Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge
Safari (Mac)
IE 10+ (not recommended)

Quick Start for Personal Devices

Follow these instructions to prepare your supported personal computing device to download ready-to-run software via AppsAnywhere. Once downloaded, Waubonsee software may be accessed and launched again through the Cloudpaging Player.

  1. Go to https://myapps.waubonsee.edu

  2. Sign in using your X-number and your network password.

  3. First time signing into AppsAnywhere? 

    1. Read the End User License Agreement and choose I Accept (or Log out). 

    2. Download and install the AppsAnywhere Client and Cloudpaging Player. 

    3. Take the tour to review the launcher features. 

  4. Your browser may prompt you to open the launcher. If it does, choose Open AppsAnywhere Launcher.

  5. Wait for the Validation process to complete before choosing an app in the AppsAnywhere Launcher window.

  6. Click the app’s Launch button to download/launch the software and/or the Cloudpaging app. 

    1. Optional: Before launching, click the app’s More Info button to view App Details and Delivery Methods

      Screenshot-Launch Button
  7. When all needed software has been launched/installed, click on your name or WCC in the upper-right corner and choose log out.

    Screenshot-Log Out

AppsAnywhere Client and Launcher

Use Cloudpaging Player to Manage Downloaded Apps