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The Office of Faculty Development and Engagement 🐀

Ready for Awesome? Canvas is Here! 🐼

Canvas is now the college’s exclusive learning management system!

Canvas is an intuitive learning management system from Instructure that includes many tools to facilitate effective communication and interaction. Instructors are able to easily design, build, and manage courses. Canvas is available to all Waubonsee employees to create dynamic, engaging spaces for teams, committees, groups, and more.

All Waubonsee faculty must successfully complete the Growing with Canvas training prior to delivering any Flex, Hybrid, Online, or Sync Online courses. The Canvas training is available online and is contextualized to Waubonsee. Additional Face-to-face and Flex training sessions are posted on the upcoming Events page. The training is focused on how to use Canvas tools to advance Waubonsee's goals of equity and student success through inclusive teaching excellence.

To learn more about Canvas, please visit our Canvas 🐼 page or the Instructure Canvas site.

Online Instructional Support

Faculty Development and Engagement support has moved online. Please use the calendar to book appointments or contact facultydae@waubonsee.edu directly for alternative appointment scheduling.