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Waubonsee Community College is committed to creating and sustaining a β€œculture of learning” in which measures of student achievement are continuously collected, analyzed, and shared for the purpose of continuous improvement.

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Course Integrity

Waubonsee Community College believes that all members of the community (students, faculty, staff, and administrators) have a responsibility to participate in learning with honesty, respect, and integrity. Learn more about integrity at Waubonsee.

Multi-modal course delivery


Courses at Waubonsee can be delivered in a variety of formats. Please see the individual course delivery pages to learn more.

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For instructions to be effective, learning outcomes, instructional strategies, and assessment methods must be in congruence. Learn more about Instructional Systems Design, Universal Design for Learning, Online Course Quality, and more.

Improvements can be made at any stage!


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Digital Accessibility

Accessible content makes it easier for everyone to read, access, and it can help improve overall quality and usability.

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Waubonsee Community College is committed to provide faculty with the instructional technology resources necessary to achieve student success.