Integrity Statement for Waubonsee Community College

Waubonsee Community College believes that all members of the community (students, faculty, staff, and administrators) have a responsibility to participate in learning with honesty, respect, and integrity. We must commit to engage in learning both in and out of the classroom, value each member in our learning community, demonstrate original thought, and help foster ethical, open, safe learning environments for all.



Integrity at Waubonsee

Cite Your Sources

Plagiarism Definition for Waubonsee Community College

A downloadable version of the Waubonsee Community College Plagiarism Agreement🔒 is available on mywcc.

Plagiarism, using your own or another person’s published or unpublished work by paraphrase or direct quotation without full and clear acknowledgement, is a serious breach of academic integrity, and is considered a breach of the Code of Student Conduct. The college expects that students will submit their original work, in their own words, representing their own ideas and judgements. Students will appropriately cite and document ideas, words and works used. Penalties for plagiarism will be determined by the instructor, the Dean for Students and/or the Student Conduct Board as the situation warrants.

Plagiarism Presentations

How to avoid it

How to prevent it

Digital Lockdown and Proctoring

Waubonsee faculty have access to digital lockdown and proctoring tools in Canvas. Please read the Waubonsee Musing 'Un-Googleable assessments' before enabling digital lockdown or proctoring in courses. Inside Higher Ed also has an article on Rejecting Remote Proctoring which discusses high-stake exam alternatives and other considerations.