Course Delivery for Fall 2020

Now that you know your delivery mode(s) for fall, Faculty Development and Engagement (FDAE) is hosting Zoom sessions for you to talk about it/them with your faculty colleagues! Come and share mode-specific best practices and strategies with your peers. Ask questions and gain new ideas. Two folks from FDAE will be supporting each session. Sign-up on the Events page today to receive the Zoom info for the session(s) you’d like to attend. Recordings of the sessions are featured below!

The options for delivery include Face-to-face, Flex, Hybrid, Online, and Sync Online.

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Please note: every modality that includes a face-to-face component (Face-to-face, Flex, and Hybrid) must be prepared to move to Sync Online sessions utilizing a video conferencing system (such as Zoom) immediately in case of an emergency college closing or other safety concerns, and/or directives from a governing body.