Classes meet in a traditional classroom setting on one of Waubonsee’s four campuses. Course materials and assignments may still be made available online for students through the Learning Management System (LMS). Some materials, such as the course syllabus are expected to be available online for students.

*In event of emergency closing (due to health concerns, safety concerns, and/or directives from a governing body), face-to-face sessions will be replaced with Sync Online sections beginning with the next scheduled class session.


WCC is in the process of identifying classrooms that are large enough to host students with proper social distancing and is using some of its federal stimulus money to upgrade technology and equipment in classrooms.
Each classroom will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized daily and equipped with sanitization products. Students and faculty will have access to products at each table to manage the environment during the day. Classrooms, tables and seating will be scheduled and arranged to promote social distancing, and it is planned that rooms will not be scheduled with back-to-back classes when possible, all of which will ensure a safe and sanitized learning environment.