You can collaborate with your Waubonsee colleagues and students using Zoom. Options include video conferencing (both immediate and scheduled), audio conferencing, screen sharing, and chat. See Zoom’s Help documentation for more information.

Check out the Zoom Release Notes for updates straight from the source!


Using Zoom

Share Zoom Video

As stated in Instant and Future Meeting, videoconferencing can be recorded on your computer or in the cloud. To share the video, based on where you saved it, follow the corresponding instructions.

Zoom Meeting Controls

Additional Resources

FERPA Considerations

Please see the FERPA page for important Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act information.

Setup and Usage Recommendations


What you can do to address Zoom meeting security concerns:

  • Make sure that to update the Zoom meeting software on your computer if prompted to do so (refer to the attachment for an example of this notification)
  • Do not post Zoom meeting information on social media sites, or other public forums
  • Only accept Zoom meeting requests from people you know, or people you are expecting a request from (If in doubt, contact the sender to confirm)
  • Require a password for joining meetings (this is enabled by default, but can be checked by accessing and navigating to the settings tab)

External Security Resources