You can collaborate with your Waubonsee colleagues and students using Zoom. Options include video conferencing (both immediate and scheduled), audio conferencing, screen sharing, and chat. See Zoom’s Help documentation for more information.


Using Zoom

Share Zoom Video

As stated in Instant and Future Meeting, videoconferencing can be recorded on your computer or in the cloud. To share the video, based on where you saved it, follow the corresponding instructions.

Meeting Controls


Institutions of higher education must take necessary steps to safeguard the privacy of their student records. As a faculty member, you have a responsibility under FERPA to protect the confidentiality of student education records in your possession. In compliance with FERPA:

  • Please ensure that only the student is on the Zoom call if you are discussing their grades, classroom performance, attendance, or other confidential information. Here is a suggested response to parents making an inquiry about their student's grades or attendance:

    • I can appreciate your interest in your student's success. The student is fortunate to have strong support at home. However, information requests should be directed to our Director of Registration and Records/Registrar, Marc Dale Jr., at"
  • Protect student records. Securely store confidential information and do not leave confidential information displayed or accessible on an unattended computer.
  • Do not share, make public, or reuse recordings that include students.
  • If you are ever in doubt or have questions, contact: Marc Dale, Jr., Director of Registration and Records/Registrar at

Additional Resources

Setup and Usage Recommendations


What you can do to address Zoom meeting security concerns:

  • Make sure that to update the Zoom meeting software on your computer if prompted to do so (refer to the attachment for an example of this notification)
  • Do not post Zoom meeting information on social media sites, or other public forums
  • Only accept Zoom meeting requests from people you know, or people you are expecting a request from (If in doubt, contact the sender to confirm)
  • Require a password for joining meetings (this is enabled by default, but can be checked by accessing and navigating to the settings tab)

External Security Resources