The Office of Faculty Development and Engagement

Amy Chaaban
Faculty Development Coordinator
Sara Gregory
Adjunct Faculty Development Coordinator
Dr. Hoitung Leung
Instructional Designer/Technologist
Ryan Maloney
Instructional Technology and Media Specialist
Eamon Newman
Assistant Dean for Online Learning and Flexible Delivery
Dr. Laura Ortiz
Dean for Faculty Development and Engagement
Dr. Amy Powers
Faculty Development Coordinator
Angelia Williams
Administrative Coordinator Faculty Development and Engagement


Our team provides meaningful, comprehensive faculty development and inclusive engagement opportunities, which support all Waubonsee faculty, at all career stages, and for all delivery modes.


Our office inspires all faculty to pursue continued personal and professional growth and development in order to promote holistic student success.

Contact or visit anytime! We are available online and F2F 8a.m. to 6p.m. Monday through Friday. We look forward to working with you on the advancement of teaching and learning excellence at Waubonsee!

FDAE 1:1 Support πŸ‚
(630) 466-2476

The Office of Learning Outcomes, Curriculum, and Program Development

The Learning Outcomes, Curriculum, and Program Development staff standing in front of a tree

Left to Right: Terry Lyons, Loretta Malley, Toni Ford, Dr. Kathleen Gorski, Kelly Diederich, Molly Durava



Learning Outcomes, Curriculum and Program Development provides leadership, quality assurance and support for curriculum to promote educational excellence.


Learning Outcomes, Curriculum and Program Development is committed to being a valued resource for faculty and staff to support quality curriculum development and continuous improvement to enhance students’ educational experiences.