About Kaltura Personal Capture

Kaltura Personal Capture is software used to easily record video presentations. It works with existing hardware usually consisting of a video camera and microphone. On Waubonsee desktops, the Kaltura Personal Capture program is synced with individual logins. Kaltura mymedia also houses all of the college's video media which is embedded everywhere from mywcc to the Canvas learning management system.

Installing Kaltura Personal Capture

If Kaltura Personal Capture is not already installed, or if you are installing Kaltura Personal Capture on a personal device, the following steps will guide you through the installation. Once the program has been correctly installed, you may repeatedly use Kaltura Personal Capture.

Kaltura Personal Capture - Before Recording

Kaltura Personal Capture - Recording

How to Record and Upload Video

MyMedia / Kaltura Repository

MyMedia is a streaming platform, where you can share your videos with others.

Closed Captions

All media uploaded to Kaltura is automatically closed captioned. Mechanical captions are approximately 70 - 80% accurate. Please check your captions for misspellings or other errors. Captions can be directly edited from mymedia.

order caption menu in Kaltura

To edit captions, navigate to your video and click on the 'ACTIONS > +Caption Requests' option in mymedia. Existing captions may be edited by pressing the 'Edit' button.

The edit button for closed captions

Professional hand captioning may be requested for videos in mymedia by changing the 'Fidelity' option to 'Professional (99%+)'. Please reserve this service for situations where captions cannot be manually updated/edited or is directly tied to an accommodation.

option to change to 99%+ captioning