Embedded Academic Support Services: Navigators

What is an Navigator?

The Navigator program is an Academic Support Embedded Service that creates accessible and equitable opportunities for student success. As a resource in the course, Navigators are able to not only interact directly with students, but provide them with the guidance and resources needed to be successful. This program helps students persist in their courses by providing tools on-demand such as technical support and connecting them with college-wide resources.

A Navigator is a non-content point of contact for students as students take courses in different instructional modalities:


For example, Navigators can assist students with using tools like Canvas 🐼, Zoom and other third party instructional technology and connecting them to college resources like tutoring, student services and library resources. Navigators strive to promote academic access and personalized services in your courses. 

Overview of the Navigator Program

Resources and Support for Navigators

Requesting, Adding, or Becoming an Navigator in a Course

Faculty Navigator Request Deadline