Our Mission
FET group photo with twelve members in front of a screen in a flex room. Five people are sitting down and twelve are standing up behind them.

To advance inclusive teaching and learning excellence, culturally-relevant pedagogy, critical dialogue and reflection, innovative strategies, and equity-minded practices to support holistic faculty and student success.

We strive to make the training and development of all faculty even more engaging, meaningful and inspirational!

What We Do
Six members of NFLA standing together in a classroom smiling.

FET members are responsible for sharing information and faculty development opportunities with their constituency colleagues, in a systematic and meaningful way, and for actively soliciting their comments, ideas and questions to bring to FET. In other words, FET members serve as a reliable conduit for valuable, critical conversations on all facets of teaching and learning at Waubonsee. 

How We Do It
Casual group photo of ten FET members outside, with six sitting at a picnic table and four standing behind them. Several plates are on the table.

The FET is charged with identifying and developing Professional Development (PD) workshops, activities and webinars as part of the Teaching Excellence Series. FET members also serve on and/or lead sub-committees that address needs related to any facet of teaching and learning at Waubonsee.

FET Leadership ~ FET is led by Faculty Development Coordinators and Adjunct Faculty Development Coordinators who collectively serve as Quad-Chairs.

Jeannie Anderson
Jeannie Anderson in front of lake at Waubonsee, medium length brown hair

Adjunct Faculty, English

Adjunct Faculty Development Coordinator


Amy Chaaban
Amy Chaaban, outside in front of trellis and flowers in sunglasses

Professor of Information Systems

Faculty Development Coordinator


Emily Heller
Emily Heller, headshot shoulder length hair

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Health Education

Faculty Development Coordinator


Tanya Watts
Tanya Watts, headshot long blonde hair with glasses

Adjunct Faculty, Biology

Adjunct Faculty Development Coordinator


FET Meting Dates

Spring 2023

January 27th

February 24th

March 24th

May 5th

Fall 2023

September 15th

October 13th

November 10th

December 8th

Fridays 9:00 - 11:00 am
Zoom Meeting

BDE 210 & Zoom

🌟If you are excited about these events or have ideas to share, become a Faculty Development Coordinator or join the Faculty Excellence Team to help improve the training and development of all faculty!🌟