We invite you to consider joining the Faculty Excellence Team (FET) for a one-to two-year term beginning this 2020-2021Ā Academic year! We already have an exciting list of projects to discuss and complete.

The first is to design the upcoming 2021Ā Spring Faculty Development Days (FDD) program. As you may know, programming for theĀ FDD areĀ developed by the FET. If you are excited about these recent changes, please join us to help make them even more engaging, meaningful and inspirational.

The FET is also charged with identifying and developing Professional Development (PD) workshops, activities and webinars as part of the Teaching Excellence Series. If you have an interest in this or ideas you would like to share, come join us and help to improve the training and development of all faculty.

There will also be an opportunity to create recommendations for changes to the questions and procedures involved in Student Course Evaluations.

In addition to FDD and other faculty development programming, FET members are also responsible for sharing information and faculty development opportunities with their constituency colleagues, in a systematic and meaningful way, and for actively soliciting their comments, ideas and questions to bring to FET. In other words, FET members serve as a reliable conduit for valuable, critical conversations on all facets of teaching and learning at Waubonsee. Finally, FET members serve on and/or lead sub-committees for FDD programming and/or on those that address needs related to any facet of teaching and learning at Waubonsee. For example, a FET Subcommittee developed a new 3-year curriculum for the New Faculty Learning Academy, which wasĀ implemented inĀ fall 2019.

Spring 2021 Meeting Schedule

FET will meet 9 to 11 a.m. on the following Fridays:

  1. January 29
  2. February 26
  3. March 26
  4. April 16 (if needed)


FET is led by the two Faculty Development Coordinators and Adjunct Faculty Development Coordinator who collectively serve as Tri-Chairs.

  • Sara Gregory, Adjunct Faculty, Humanities and Music, and Adjunct Faculty Development Coordinator
  • Dr. Amy Powers, Professor of History, and Faculty Development Coordinator
  • David Voorhees, Professor of Earth Science and Geology, and Faculty Development Coordinator


FET membership is designed to have every academic division and all faculty represented so that your voices are heard.

Academic Support

  • Joshua Mattern, Assistant Professor of English Developmental Education (2-year term, expires May 2021)
  • Maribeth Brown, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Developmental Education (2-year term, expires May 2022)

Business & Career Technologies

  • Amy Chaaban, Assistant Professor of Information SystemsĀ (2-year term, expires May 2022)
  • Joe Kloke, Instructor of Heating, Ventilation and Air ConditioningĀ (2-year term, expires May 2021)

Communications, Humanities & Arts

  • Todd Laufenberg, Assistant Professor of English (2-year term, expires May 2021)
  • Jon Nichols, InstructorĀ of English (2-year term, expires May 2022)

Educational Affairs Administrators, Liaisons to Joint Instructional Council

  • Dr. Janette Funaro, Dean for Social Sciences, Education and World LanguagesĀ (2-year term, expires May 2021)
  • Nora Silvia, Assistant Dean for Health Professions and Public Service (2-year term, expires May 2022)

Education & Workforce Development & Academic Support

  • DebĀ Gardner, Psychology (One-year term, expires May 2021,Ā option to renew for a second year)
  • Robert Krueger, AccountingĀ (One-year term, expires May 2021,Ā option to renew for a second year)
  • Jenny Siegfried, Adult EducationĀ (One-year term, expires May 2021,Ā option to renew for a second year)
  • Joseph Turner, ArtĀ (One-year term, expires May 2021,Ā option to renew for a second year)

Full-time Faculty Counselor

  • Dave Barreto, Counselor/Associate Professor (2-year term, expires May 2022)

Health Professions & Public Service

  • Joshua Brown, Instructor of Nursing (2-year term, expires May 2020)
  • Monica Smogur, Associate Instructor of NursingĀ (2-year term, expires May 2022)

Mathematics & Sciences

  • Justin Hoshaw, Assistant Professor of Biology (2-year term, expires May 2021)
  • Dr. Sheela Vemu, Assistant Professor of Biology (2-year term, expires May 2022)

Social Sciences, Education, & World Languages

  • Jason Chatman, Instructor of Sociology (2-year term, expires May 2021)
  • Dr. Emily Heller, Instructor of Kinesiology and Health EducationĀ (2-year term, expires May 2022)

The Office of Faculty Development & Engagement

  • Dr. Hoitung Terry Leung, Instructional Designer / Technologist
  • Ryan Maloney, Instructional Technology and Media Specialist
  • Eamon Newman, Assistant Dean for Online Learning and Flexible Delivery
  • Dr. Laura Ortiz, Dean for Faculty Development and Engagement
  • Angelia Williams, Administrative Specialist for Faculty Development and Engagement

If you would like to join us, please email one of the following coordinators. We look forward to working with you to advance faculty excellence.