The ACUE Inclusive Teaching Excellence Toolkit includes information and videos on the following subjects:

  • Ensuring your course reflects a diverse society and world
  • Ensuring course media are accessible
  • Ensuring your syllabus sets the tone for diversity and inclusion
  • Using inclusive language
  • Sharing your gender pronouns
  • Learning and use studentsโ€™ preferred names
  • Engaging students in a small-group introductions activity
  • Using an interest survey to connect with students
  • Offering inclusive office hours
  • Setting expectations for valuing diverse viewpoints

The ACUE Online Teaching Toolkit includes information on:

  • Welcoming students to the online environment
  • Managing your online presence
  • Organizing your online course
  • Planning and facilitating quality discussions
  • Recording effective microlectures
  • Engaging students in readings and microlectures

The Fall 2020 ACUE Inclusive Online Teaching Webinar Series: Recordings, Wrap-ups & Resources:

The 'official' list of High-Impact Practices, and below is a list of the elements that HIPs contain:

Meeting the following criteria ensure that High-Impact Practices are high-impact:

  • Significant investment of time and effort by students over an extended period of time ย 
  • Multiple interactions with faculty and peers about substantive matters ย 
  • Students experience diversity (people and ideas) ย 
  • Frequent, timely, and constructive feedback ย 
  • Periodic, structured opportunities to reflect on and integrate learning (metacognition, reflective pedagogy) ย 
  • Opportunities to discover relevance of learning through real-world applications ย 
  • Performance expectations set at appropriately high levels ย 
  • Public demonstration of competence