Academic Program Assessment Plans – Guidelines and Templates

Plan/Report for Learning Improvement

Current Plans and Reports for Learning Improvement can be found in AEFIS.

  1. Visit and login with your Waubonsee credentials.
  2. Once logged in, your Plan for Learning Improvement should appear in the “Action Items” sidebar. To view/edit, click on the blue edit button next to the Plan for Learning Improvement. 
  3. Once completed, navigate to the bottom of the form and click “I’m finished, submit.”.
  4. To access previously submitted forms, navigate to the widget entitled “My Data Collection Forms”, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, and click “In Progress Forms”.

Planning Guides

Learning Improvement and Program Review Checklist

This checklist provides a detailed description of all of the steps required to complete the Plan/Report for Learning Improvement and Program Review/Annual Update process each year at Waubonsee.

Instructional Videos

These videos provide a visual representation of how to complete the Plan/Report for Learning Improvement as well as the Program Review/Annual Update forms in AEFIS. 

Plan/Report for Learning Improvement Detailed Guidelines

A detailed description of how to complete the Plan/Report for Learning Improvement.

Waubonsee's Program Review and Annual Update are a part of the learning improvement process. See the Program Review page for additional information.