General Guidelines for All Faculty

  • The transition to online can take place gradually, as long as there is content online to keep students progressing in the class. You just need to stay a few steps ahead of your students :).
  • Our goal is to maintain academic continuity while being flexible and compassionate in meeting individual student needs.
  • Assess your students‚Äô access to technology and plan accordingly.

Alternative Delivery

  • As you transition your courses to alternative delivery, we have compiled a number of excellent resources to help you do so. Please see the Resources section below.
  • If you are participating in the Canvas pilot, your existing Canvas course(s) will remain in Canvas. All other courses will be delivered through Blackboard Learn.
  • Beginning March 30, through the end of the semester, all lecture courses will be delivered online.
  • If you would like FDAE to populate your Blackboard shell with the course master, please put in a ServiceDesk ticket.
  • If you would like to share your Blackboard shell with one of your faculty colleagues, we can copy it over for you, with your permission. Please put in a ServiceDesk ticket.
  • To receive instructional technology assistance, please visit the Events page and sign-up for a session. These sessions will be facilitated by a FDAE Team Member, or one of your Faculty Colleagues, and delivered via Zoom. If you need an alternative appointment time, please email directly, and we‚Äôll do our best to accommodate you :).

Full-time Faculty Office Hours
(5 hours/week)

  • You are encouraged to maintain your published schedule; however, to ensure that you remain accessible to students, you may adjust your office hours as necessary to accommodate students‚Äô needs.
  • To facilitate your office hours, you may use the communication tool(s)* that work best for you and your students. *See related FAQ below.
  • To communicate your office hour schedule and in which way(s) your students may reach you during those times, please update this information on your syllabi.
  • If you have a critical need to access your office, contact the Campus Police.
    • Sugar Grove & Plano: (630) 466-2552
    • Aurora Downtown & Aurora Fox Valley: (630) 906-4142

Guidelines for Faculty with Clinicals and/or Externships and/or Labs

  • Beginning March 23, faculty will work with their Deans and Assistant Deans to plan for limited face-to-face instruction.
  • Thought should be given to social distancing considerations.
  • Lecture components of courses will be delivered online beginning March 30 through the end of the semester.
  • Faculty are responsible for communicating to their students what is online and what is being delivered alternatively.

These guidelines will be updated as the situation evolves.