General Guidelines for All Faculty

  • The transition to online can take place gradually, as long as there is content online to keep students progressing in the class. You just need to stay a few steps ahead of your students :).
  • Our goal is to maintain academic continuity while being flexible and compassionate in meeting individual student needs.
  • Assess your studentsā€™ access to technology and plan accordingly.

Alternative Delivery

  • As you transition your courses to alternative delivery, we have compiled a number of excellent resources to help you do so. Please see the Resources section below.
  • If you are participating in the Canvas pilot, your existing Canvas course(s) will remain in Canvas. All other courses will be delivered through Blackboard Learn.
  • Beginning March 30, through the end of the semester, all lecture courses will be delivered online.
  • If you would like FDAE to populate your Blackboard shell with the course master, please put in a ServiceDesk ticket.
  • If you would like to share your Blackboard shell with one of your faculty colleagues, we can copy it over for you, with your permission. Please put in a ServiceDesk ticket.
  • To receive instructional technology assistance, please visit the Events page and sign-up for a session. These sessions will be facilitated by a FDAE Team Member, or one of your Faculty Colleagues, and delivered via Zoom. If you need an alternative appointment time, please email directly, and weā€™ll do our best to accommodate you :).

Full-time Faculty Office Hours
(5 hours/week)

  • You are encouraged to maintain your published schedule; however, to ensure that you remain accessible to students, you may adjust your office hours as necessary to accommodate studentsā€™ needs.
  • To facilitate your office hours, you may use the communication tool(s)* that work best for you and your students. *See related FAQ below.
  • To communicate your office hour schedule and in which way(s) your students may reach you during those times, please update this information on your syllabi.
  • If you have a critical need to access your office, contact the Campus Police.
    • Sugar Grove & Plano: (630) 466-2552
    • Aurora Downtown & Aurora Fox Valley: (630) 906-4142

Guidelines for Faculty with Clinicals and/or Externships and/or Labs

  • Beginning March 23, faculty will work with their Deans and Assistant Deans to plan for limited face-to-face instruction.
  • Thought should be given to social distancing considerations.
  • Lecture components of courses will be delivered online beginning March 30 through the end of the semester.
  • Faculty are responsible for communicating to their students what is online and what is being delivered alternatively.

These guidelines will be updated as the situation evolves.