What is AEFIS?

The¬†Assessment,¬†Evaluation,¬†Feedback &¬†Intervention¬†System‚ÄĒAEFIS¬†is the web-based assessment management platform that facilitates the collection and application of real-time assessment data. The scalable platform enables the continuous quality improvement of curriculum and fosters personalized learning by engaging administrators, faculty, students, alumni and industry.

AEFIS Solutions

  • Curriculum Mapping + Outcomes Alignment
  • Outcomes Assessment + Evidence Collection¬†
  • Outcomes Transcript + Competency Portfolio
  • Self Study + Accreditation Reporting
  • Strategic Planning + Data Collection¬†
  • Faculty Activity + Curriculum Vitae
  • Course + Syllabus Management
  • Course Evaluation + Feedback

Why is Waubonsee using AEFIS?

AEFIS provides many features to faculty, staff and students at Waubonsee including: 

  • clearly defining results-driven processes¬†
  • shortening and closing the feedback loop¬†
  • providing real-time insight on specific course sections and learners¬†
  • giving unprecedented access to information, including end-of-semester survey results, data on demand, and even historical/archived information

AEFIS Resources

To login: visit wcc.aefis.net

AEFIS Academy: A resource containing user guides, what's new, FAQs, and a place to request support. 

Instructional Videos: 

Plan/Report for Learning Improvement: Completing Plan for Learning Improvement in AEFIS

Program Review: Program Review and Annual Update in AEFIS

Course Evaluations: Overview of Survey Tool in AEFIS    

Course Evaluations: Adding Personalized Questions to your Survey 

(please note: questions need to be added a day prior to survey launch date).