Interested in making your textbooks more affordable for students? Want to remove financial barriers for students in your classes? Are you aiming to increase retention? Explore your options with Inclusive Access (MyMaterials program)

Inclusive Access supports:

  • Retention & Engagement
  • Equity & Affordability

Do you or your students need help with access codes? Please contact David Gliva or Suzi Crookshank at the bookstore.

How to get started?

βœ… Identify your course materials/textbook

βœ… Express your interest to your Dean/ Assist. Dean

βœ… Set up a meeting with the publisher (include David Gliva or Suzi Crookshank) to discuss the following items (options, pricing, and other things):

  • Current Cost of the textbook versus Inclusive Access cost
  • How much savings compared to the current situation?
  • What is the ISBN?
  • How long will students have access to the material?
  • 1 term - 6 months - This would be equivalent to the end date of the course.
  • What happens if a student needs an incomplete?
  • What happens if a student fails the class?
  • If all faculty including adjuncts - Training to transition courses and inform faculty?

βœ… Communicate with your administrator (Dean or Asst. Dean) and David Gliva the textbook fees and ISBN number provided by the publisher.

Resources for Faculty

Publisher Support