The Faculty Development Coordinator is a special one to two-year faculty assignment. The assignment begins summer term and provides three hours release time. Six hours of release time are provided for both the fall and spring semesters. At the end of the assignmentā€™s first year, an assessment will be made to determine if there will be a second year appointment. Since this assignment is equivalent to two three-credit hour credit classes in fall and spring semesters, the expected time devoted to this role should be comparable to that of preparing for and delivering two classes, essentially with an expected time commitment of 10-15 hours per week during the academic year and five to six hours per week during the summer. While the work schedule will be flexible, depending on faculty development planning and needs, the schedule will not necessarily align completely with the time when classes are in session, as some activities and planning will need to occur just prior to the start of the semester. Two Faculty Development Coordinators will be selected each year, with one of the two focusing more on assisting faculty with online learning and flexible delivery. The Faculty Development Coordinators will report to the Dean for Faculty Development and Engagement.

The primary responsibility of this special assignment is to provide faculty leadership for all aspects of Waubonseeā€™s faculty development programming. The Faculty Development Coordinators will be responsible for advancing the collegeā€™s goal to foster inclusive teaching excellence to support holistic student success. The Faculty Development Coordinators will work with faculty and Educational Affairs administrators in advancing the goals and initiatives in the Educational Affairs Plan.

Specific duties of this special assignment will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Work collaboratively, and on a continuous basis, with the Faculty Development Team, Faculty Excellence Team and Joint Instructional Council.
  2. Participate in weekly Faculty Development and Engagement (FDAE) Team Meetings.
  3. Provide leadership for the New Faculty Learning Academy (NFLA).
  4. Provide leadership for the Faculty Excellence Team (FET).
  5. Provide leadership for the Fall and Spring Faculty Development Days.
  6. Contribute to the development, planning, promotion, delivery, assessment and ongoing improvement of Waubonseeā€™s accessible, year-round faculty development programming.
  7. Serve on college-wide committees, as needed.