Moderating a Session

Moderators are responsible for creating introductory comments and introduce the session(s).

A great way to start off is by welcoming everyone to the session, followed by the introductory comments and introducing the presenters. During the session, you will need to keep track of the chat as there may be questions from attendees. Take note ahead of time if the presenter plans to directly answer questions.

In addition, you will need to keep track of the time and let the presenters know when five minutes are remaining. This can be discreet by using an agreed upon signal such as the raised hand in Zoom. You can usually work this out with the presenter before the session. It could be that neither of you feel a signal is appropriate.

At the end of the session, please thank the presenters. Some moderators pick out a key point or interesting fact as part of the closing remarks. Your final comments should be to tell the audience about any upcoming break, to visit the Virtual Resource Fair (for FDDs), and any upcoming concurrent sessions. You can list the sessions if there is time or just direct them to Canvas or the Program guide to view the sessions.

If you are will be moderating a session have have questions, please reach out to FDAE πŸ“§.


You may find that you have an interpreter in your session and there are a few things you should know ahead of time.

Please make sure that you make any interpreter(s) co-hosts or "spotlight" them so that they remain at the top of the screen. If we don't do this, then they can get lost in the crowd of Zoom screens and can be difficult to find. Typically, interpreters will send a message in chat to let you know that they are there. In case they do not, please take a look through the list of attendees to see if their names appear.

Please see the Zoom page for guides on pinning, spotlighting, and other important features.