Definitions of Roles

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Waubonsee Campus Lead

The Campus Lead (Jeannie Anderson) is the person at Waubonsee that coordinates regular communication and day-to-day activities between ACUE and Waubonsee. This person publicizes the course and manages enrollment.

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ACUE-Provided Course Facilitator

ACUE facilitators play a critical role in ensuring that course-takers successfully learn about, implement, and reflect on effective practices. As course-takers work to complete ACUE offerings, facilitators act as pedagogical guides, mentors, and motivates.

  1. Manages Course-takers to Completion
  2. Oversees and responds to Course-takers’ posts in discussion forums
  3. Posts announcements twice a week
  4. Responds to or escalates Course-taker support requests
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Waubonsee Course Facilitators

Courses include a full-time and adjunct faculty faculty facilitator that assists the ACUE-provided facilitator with course activities. Waubonsee facilitators support and encourage course takers during the duration of the course.

  1. Participates in scheduled facilitator check-in meetings with Academic Leads
  2. Manages course-takers to completion
  3. Oversees and responds to course-takers’ posts in discussion forums
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ACUE Course Reader

ACUE readers are assigned to read and score course takers’ “Practice and Reflect” reflection assignments. They review work with the assignment rubric and score the reflection as either “Complete” (badge earned) or “Incomplete” (badge deferred, pending a resubmission and subsequent “Complete” score).

For the reflections, course takers have the option to either “Implement” or “Plan to Implement” and are encouraged to “Implement” if they are currently teaching a class.