Definitions of Roles

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Academic Lead

As your Academic Lead, I collaborate with you on the development the ACUE Course. I provide your Course facilitator(s) with the necessary training to understand the Course framework and effectively navigate the Course and continue to support the facilitator(s) throughout the Course through weekly meetings and support materials. I will also keep you apprised of the progress and provide additional insights to you on the course-takers'; and facilitator's experiences and the overall success of the Course.

  • Design
  • Training
  • Support
  • Progress
Information Systems Classroom Maya Tolappa


An individual with expertise in college-level instruction and trained by ACUE to manage Cohorts through the Course. FacilitatorΒ  responsibilities include but are not limited to

  1. Participating in ACUE provided training
  2. Participating in scheduled Facilitator check-in meetings with Academic Leads
  3. Managing Course-takers to Completion
  4. Overseeing and responding to Course-takers’ posts in discussion forums
  5. Responding to or escalating Course-taker support requests
  • Guide
  • Monitor
  • Mentor
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Campus Lead

The Campus Lead (Laura Ortiz) is the person at the institution with the authority to guide work and coordinate regular communication and day-to-day activities between ACUE and the partner institution.

  • Point of Contact
  • Authority to guide and coordinate
  • Decision maker