ACUE’s mission is to ensure student success through quality instruction.

We believe that every faculty member deserves the support and preparation needed to teach well, so that every student receives an extraordinary education.

Participants who complete the ACUE Course in Effective Teaching Practices earn a Certificate in Effective College Instruction. If you also wish to earn graduate credit, the American Council on Education (ACE) offers a credit transcript for 3 graduate hours upon completion of additional coursework.

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Are you frustrated trying to figure out how to make your students interested in your classes?  Do you seem to find yourself looking into a sea of blank expressions on your students?  Is the notion of reading about pedagogy daunting to you?  Are you struggling with how to design an effective online class?  Then, please consider signing up for the second Cohort of the smashingly successful ACUE course in Effective Teaching Practices.  

Faculty who participate in ACUE’s (Association of College and University Educators) Effective Teaching Practices course can earn a Certificate in Effective College Instruction, endorsed by the American Council on Education (ACE), and the opportunity to earn three graduate credit hours, which may apply towards columnar advancement for full-time faculty. For the graduate class there are 6 additional assignments to the regular class work that you will need to complete.
Unconvinced? Then watch the video of a panel discussion with Cohort 1 ACUE course takers during the Spring 2020 Faculty Development Days.

You can watch videos of the other ACUE sessions here.

15 spaces for adjunct faculty and 15 spaces for full-time faculty are reserved. Please complete the form below.

Current New Faculty Learning Academy Members and those expressing interest during the Faculty Development Days will receive a priority "seat." The class is delivered online using Canvas. At the discretion of the class and Waubonsee Faculty Facilitators, optional, supplemental discussion sessions may be held. The sign up will remain open, but don’t wait until the last minute (like many of our students), you may be disappointed!

Your will have two Waubonsee Faculty Facilitators for the course. Their role is to guide, support and mentor you through successful completion of the course. An ACUE Reader will serve as an anonymous grader for all submitted coursework.

Please click on this link to explore module previews. Each module preview contains a description, video introduction (90-120 seconds), Subject Matter Expert information, and references. Please know that each module offers strategies for both face-to-face and online instruction. Additionally, to support our Educational Affairs Plan, Equity Plan and Strategic Plan, ACUE will weave equity and inclusive teaching strategies throughout the course.

Please also see the ACUE Overview brochure, the Graduate Credit Informational Flyer, and our class schedule for the first cohort (2019-2020 academic year). As you will see, there are 25 modules completed in a 17-week course spread across the entire academic year, beginning in August and ending in mid-May. On average, successful participants commit two to three hours per week to the course, and use new techniques in their classes during that module period. Built upon ACUE’s Effective Practice Framework©, this course is designed for faculty in all stages of their careers and across all delivery modes.

Waubonsee considers professional development critical to the growth of our faculty and providing our students with a high quality education. To demonstrate the College’s continued commitment to support faculty with meaningful professional development to advance high-quality, effective teaching practices (pedagogy/andragogy), this course is provided at no cost to all Waubonsee faculty. If the course is taken for graduate credit, there is a small ACE transcripting fee of $20. This opportunity is open to only 30 faculty each year and Waubonsee provides a completion certificate and Waubonsee GCECs

If you are committed to actively engaging in this Waubonsee faculty learning community from August to May, please sign up in the form with your name, title, email address and division. Please also indicate if you are interested in earning the optional three graduate credit hours transcripted by ACE.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact any member of the Faculty Development and Engagement Team at facultydae@waubonsee.edu.

With great teaching, students succeed.