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Articles, Blogs, and Sites


  • Adobe Creative Cloud is available for all Full-time faculty.
  • For faculty that are part of the Canvas trial during the Spring 2020 semester, remember that there is built in video-conferencing in Canvas. Lakeland has an excellent information on this feature.
  • Mediasite may be used to record lectures and stream to students.
  • Loom Pro is now free for students and teachers. Loom has been used by faculty to easily create and share video with online students.
  • Amazing Educational Resources maintains a list of companies offering free educational software.
  • University Business maintains a list of 21 free higher ed resources during coronavirus pandemic.
  • Edscoop has a list of Edtech companies offering free tools

Tutorials and Webinars

  • The ACUE Online Toolkit is available to everyone (even non-ACUE course takers).
  • The University of Illinois Springfield is offering free online teaching resources and tutorials through ION.
  • Almy Education has a free webinar on moving math and science courses online.
  • ICSPS has made available their webinar on Universal Design for Learning.
  • Best Practices for Postsecondary Faculty Transitioning to Remote Learning


Resilient Faculty

Engaging Online